General terms and conditions of purchase

 1.1. These general terms and conditions for ordering in the online store (hereinafter the Terms) apply to all legal relationships that arise between all parties and trading platform, owned by SIA ADV AGENCY (Latvia), corporate identity number 40103793503, registered address Dzirnieku street 16, Marupe, Latvia, for purchases made on the B2B platform

1.2. Please familiarize yourself with these Terms.

1.3. In dispute resolution, the parties to the agreement are governed by the law on bond law, other laws and legal acts in the Republic of Latvia, and by the Terms and Conditions for the online store

1.4 In order to make the use of the online store more reliable, SIA ADV AGENCY reserves the right to edit and supplement the Terms and price list. The edits in the Terms and the price list are published on the store's website The edits in the Terms and the price list take effect when each edit or supplement is published on the store's website If you sent your order before the registrations took effect, all legal relations between you and the company ADV Agency are subject to the conditions that were valid at the time of your order, except in cases where otherwise provided by law or in these Terms.

  1. Price list

2.1. All prices in the B2B platform are published in euro (EUR) and exclude VAT. VAT rate is added according to your country of origin in your purchase invoice.

2.2. The prices in the online store apply during the payment period stated on the invoice in accordance with the provisions in section 4.

2.3. ADV Agency reserves the right to edit the B2B online store's price list at any time. If a change in the price was made after you had placed your order and made the payment, ADV Agency undertakes to handle the order based on the prices that applied when the order was made. You have no right to apply for compensation for price difference.

  1. Purchasing and order management

3.1. The products offered in the online store can be purchased by both natural and legal persons.

3.2. When you place an order, please fill in the order form and enter the necessary information (last name, name, telephone number, e-mail address, delivery address, postal code).

3.3. The number of products and product types in your shopping cart can be changed. To confirm these changes, click on the "Update shopping cart" button. To continue ordering, click on "Next". You will be directed to the customer information page.

3.4. Please fill in the required information on the customer page and press the "Continue buying" button. You will be directed to the page for order confirmation and choice of payment method.

3.5. Fill in the text fields on the page for the customer's personal information and order confirmation very carefully as delivery of the ordered goods will depend on how accurate the information provided is.

3.6. The purchase agreement is considered to be completed (the agreement enters into force) from the time the overdue amount has been received in the ADV Agency bank account and the order confirmation has been received.

  1. Payment of the order

4.1. For payment, please select the most suitable payment method on the order page.

4.2. You can choose between the following payment methods:

4.2.1. invoice payment - by clicking on "pay to bank account" on the order confirmation page. After that, you will receive an email confirming your order and an attached invoice. After payment is made, you will receive an e-mail with a receipt for the payment received;

4.2.4. The order will be canceled if payment for the order has not been received by ADV Agency's bank account within 5 (five) days.

  1. Delivery and delivery of products

5.1. The products purchased in the online store can, after the Agreement has entered into force, in accordance with Chapter 3.4. i Terms are received using one of the following options:

5.1.1. ADV Agency delivers the ordered item to the address you specified;

5.2. If you choose courier delivery, the product will be delivered after the Agreement has entered into force in accordance with Chapter 3.4 within the time agreed by telephone (you enter the contact number when ordering).

5.3. The ordered products with attached instructions in English and other documents are delivered by courier within the time specified when you confirmed the order.

5.4. If the ordered product is not in stock and needs to be ordered from the supplier, ie. that delivery within the specified period is not possible, and also in other cases that are beyond the control of ADV Agency when delivery within the set time is not possible, we inform you by phone at the phone number you specified in the order or by e-mail within 2 ( two) days from the entry into force of the Agreement in accordance with clause 3.4, and announces a new delivery time. You have the right to cancel the order (for further information see points 6.1 and 6.3) due to delay in delivery time or canceled order, and the amount paid (including delivery cost) will be refunded to you.

5.5. When the ordered goods have been handed over to the courier company, you will be contacted by them to specify the delivery time.

5.6. The goods are delivered by the courier to the address you specified when ordering.

5.7. Please check the information you filled in when ordering to avoid delays and possible misunderstandings when delivering goods. ADV Agency and the courier company are not responsible for delays and other misunderstandings due to incorrect or incorrect information.

5.8. The courier delivers the goods together with the invoice. Please inspect the packaging carefully before signing the invoice. In the event of any external damage to the packaging, note this in the invoice. Please contact ADV Agency through the e-mail address to report any damage. The goods that have been damaged during courier delivery will be replaced.

5.9. These delivery terms only apply in Europe.

  1. Cancellation and return

6.1. You have the right to cancel your order after payment but before delivery by sending a message to the e-mail address, where you enter your order number and your bank account number.

6.2. The returned item must be complete (ie it must contain all the items contained in the packaging - cables, etc.). If the item was purchased during a sales campaign and it was delivered with items, the item must be returned complete (ie including all original items). After the item has been returned, the customer is refunded the amount paid. The customer is responsible for all possible extra costs in connection with the return of the product purchased in the online store

6.3. When the product is returned and has signs of use, ADV Agency reserves the right to refuse to take it back or agree to reduce the value of the returned product. For a mutual agreement, ADV Agency will send you an application form to the e-mail address you provided when you submitted the order. If you do not agree to the amount stated for reduced product value, you have the right to conduct an independent survey. The costs of the independent investigation will be shared equally between you and ADV Agency, except in the case of manifestly unfounded claims by either party. In such a case, the costs of an independent investigation shall be borne by the party who made manifestly unfounded claims.

6.4. In case of cancellation according to point 6.1 or canceled order according to point 6.2, you will be refunded the full amount paid. The money for the returned item will be transferred to your bank account within 14 days from the day we received your application for a refund, provided that you have returned the item within the same period, ie. within 14 days, except in the cases described in paragraph 6.3.

6.6 The purchased products are not refundable if they are manufactured according to the customer's specific wishes, are specially ordered or profiled.

  1. Warranty and return of goods that do not comply with the requirements

7.1. ADV Agency is responsible for any non-compliance of the product with the requirements, and for any warranty defects.

7.2. ADV Agency is not responsible for:

7.2.1. for deterioration of the quality of the product and damage caused by you;

7.2.2. for any damage resulting from improper use;

7.2.3. for normal wear and tear due to normal use;

7.3. In the event of non-compliance with the requirements or product defects, you have the right to demand a product exchange or cancel the order and return the product (s) at the expense of ADV Agency.

7.4. In case of return of an item that does not meet your expectations, the amount you paid will be refunded to the bank account you specified no later than 14 days from the cancellation of the order and receipt of the message asking you to return the product.

7.5. In addition to warranty rights, you also have other rights in accordance with law.

     8.Personal data and conditions for handling personal data

8.1. By using services in the B2B online store and making purchases (above concludes the agreement), you give a clear and conscious consent to ADV Agency to use your personal data.

8.2. The personal information received by ADV Agency is added to each customer's register and used to provide services and product offerings.

8.3. The source of personal information is the customer relationship that arises when the customer registers an order through the online store

8.4. The registered personal information contains information that is related to your order - social security number, surname, name, street name, house number and apartment number, place, postcode, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, delivery method, payment method, consent to Terms, consent to receive sales promotions, emails.

8.5. All the customer's personal information displayed during visits and purchases in the B2B online store is considered confidential. Encrypted transmission channel of personal data guarantees the security of the personal and bank data. ADV Agency has no access to this information.

8.6. Personal data is processed by ADV Agency SIA, organization number: 40103793503, registered address: Dzirnieku street 16, Marupe, LV-2167, Latvia.

8.7. Personal information that is necessary for product delivery is provided to the company that provides the courier service.

8.8. ADV Agency hereby confirms that the protection of personal data is guaranteed with all security measures in accordance with the Data Security Act.

8.9. ADV Agency undertakes not to transfer registered personal data to any third party.

8.10. ADV Agency reserves the right to transfer customer-related personal data to persons who have a legal right to it and who have a legal obligation to process this personal data, as well as to persons who have a statutory right to it and this is done to protect the customer's or third party's freedom, health or life.

8.11. You have the right to verify your personal data, make necessary changes to them or request the removal of your data from the register.

8.12. When you order, you also give your consent to ADV Agency to send a message with order confirmation to the e-mail address you provided.

  1. Responsibility and force majeure

9.1. ADV Agency is liable to you and you are liable to ADV Agency for damage caused to any of the parties by violating the Terms in the cases and to the extent provided for in the applicable law of the Republic of Latvia.

9.2. ADV Agency is not liable for damages that occurred or delayed delivery if these were due to circumstances that ADV Agency could not have affected, and the existence of which ADV Agency did not anticipate and could not have foreseen (force majeure).

  1. Other conditions

10.1. All disputes not specified in these Terms and Conditions are referred to the applicable laws of the Republic of Latvia.

10.2. Disputes between you and ADV Agency regarding ordering and purchasing products in the B2B online store are resolved through negotiations. If an agreement cannot be reached, you have the right to apply for protection of your rights through the Consumer Protection Board or any appropriate court. The customer can file a complaint either himself or through a representative. The legislation in force in the Republic of Latvia applies to dispute resolution.

  1. Exceptional conditions

11.1. The product images on the website are for illustrative purposes only.

11.2. Product prices and their availability are subject to change without notice.

11.3. ADV Agency reserves the right to refuse to sell a product when the following problems have arisen: a human or technical error has occurred in publishing prices (eg if a toy that costs EUR 100 has suddenly been put up for sale for EUR 10, is it an obvious error). In such cases, we hope for our customers' understanding that this is a defect and that the product cannot be sold for the price stated.

11.4. Product-related information is checked and supplemented regularly. The information may have been updated since your last visit. Due to inconsistencies on the manufacturer's product card, the product-related information and the information available in our online store may therefore contain errors. In this case, the online store is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. Therefore, we recommend that you always clarify the reliability of the information before making a purchase by sending a message to the e-mail address