ELFIKI - is the first brand of ecological toys in Ukraine. ELFIKI toys are created with care for the environment, made of bioplastic, which consists of 94% sugar cane. Production of bioplastics reduces carbon emissions. Sugar cane is grown on controlled pesticide-free plantations in central and southern Brazil. Sugar cane is harvested every 6-12 months. Bioplastic from sugar cane is a 100% sustainable raw material that is not inferior in its properties to traditional plastic. Waste from the sugar industry is used to produce biological polyethylene. Sugar cane is a renewable raw material, while synthetic polyethylene is made from fossil raw materials in the form of crude oil and petroleum gas.During growth, sugarcane takes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produces oxygen. Therefore, the use of biological polyethylene is a huge contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases. At the first stage, ethanol is extracted from sugar cane. In the process of dehydration, "green ethylene" is formed, which is the basis of biological material. Polyethylene from sugar cane is plastic enough and meets all toy safety standards.
By choosing toys of the ELFIKI brand, you care about the safety of children and their future.

Let's save the environment together!

ELFIKI products

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